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Jorginho wrote:

Pic3. I would focus much more on the girl, zoom in (come closer in the case of primes). The light is too harsh and contrasty with the dark background for my taste. You could have made a lot more of that scene I think

Heh, that's funny - photo 3 is my favorite. I thought the light was good and striking, and I think it tells a bit of a story by itself: a woman about to go into a chapel to attend a wedding. I'd say well done.

However, I unfortunately agree with the point Jorghino's commentary - most of the photos are a bit too snapshot-like. Most of the reasons for that are not in your control, of course. The lighting in the reception hall looks like it's mixed lighting, which makes good colors hard to achieve (lighting in most receptions is awful, and why I tend to output in black and white when I take photos at weddings). Selective white balance masking could help.

I'm sure you also weren't able to get into the location you'd like for some of the photos, which makes the composition look rather eh. It's easier for a hired photographer to get the right composition because her job is to get the shot - the guest's job is to enjoy the wedding and not be in the way

But some of the problems can be fixed. For example, the 2 photos that you took at the table. The subject in each photo is way underexposed. Next time, expose for their faces; if the background blows out, who cares. You might have to switch to spot metering to get it right in such an environment. You want to make the people look good first and foremost. I'd try first go into lightroom/aperture and mask the subject in those photos and selectively boost exposure. You might be able to save them.

Nonetheless, you have some very good images here; thanks for sharing, and I hope you don't mind the critique.

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