New pc build with i7 3770K

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Re: P.S. -- typical user...

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Sorry... call it a straw man argument if you like.  But, IMO, the load cycle behavior is a real drawback to the WD Green Drives, as the constant parking/unparking of the drive heads is probably contributing to the problems with them.

BTW, a typical user isn't going to know to run utilities to try and update parameters in the drive's firmware, or how to look at SMART Data and run drive self tests, etc.

Yes, this is the definition of a straw man- you write that they have problems with head parking, and when pointed out the rather obvious solution, your reply is 'typical users don't know about this.'  That's a bad dodge. So is presenting your anecdotal information as universal truth.

And then to cite a new model with a whopping 10 grasping at straws.

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