Some shots with one of the new (cheap!) AF macro extension sets

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Some shots with one of the new (cheap!) AF macro extension sets

Someone posted a link to a very inexpensive macro extension set recently which allowed full AF and metering use with M43 lenses, and I decided to take the plunge.  It arrived today from China, and I've given it a brief try. (The delivery time was reasonable, but the packaging was pretty crushed...however, the tubes worked fine when I tried them out).

The one I got is the Fotga, not the Kenko, and it has what appears to be aluminum mounts on some kind of resin/cast plastic body.  The extensions are quite light, but the machining and construction seems to be of good quality, and, aside from being very lightweight, they don't feel like shoddily put together items.  The extensions mount nicely to the camera, and the lenses to the extensions. The only thing that seems a bit plasticky is the button release for lens removal.

The nice thing is...they actually work!

I tried them on the 12mm, 25mm 45mm 14-140mm, and 100-300mm.  The 45mm gave remarkably sharp results (as you would expect), but the I had to be right on top of the subject to focus.  The 14-140mm worked pretty well, but the real star was the 100-300mm.  (The 12mm and 25mm were not really useable due to how close you had to get to focus on anything).

AF does indeed work, metering is perfect, and the lenses really behave as they normally would.  Of course, with AF, you will get some hunting, as you do with any AF on a non-focus limited macro, but it's not bad, and you can use manual focus to get it in the right place, as you would normally in this situation.

All in all, if they hold up, I think that they were not a bad deal for $54....I don't think they will stand up to heavy use or abuse, but for a casual user who does not want to spend almost $200 for the metal Kenkos, these might be just the ticket.

One thing, though.  I would not leave these attached to either a lens or a body when you are not using them, as I would be concerned about the aluminum mounts chemically interacting with the lens or camera mount metal over time.  I'm probably overthinking this, but I'd just put them on when they are being used, and take them off otherwise....

Anyway, none of these are going to win any prizes, but here are some sample shots from the 45mm f 1.8, and 100-300mm. (It's REALLY nice to have OIS in a long macro lens   !)


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