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NC_grouch wrote:

Which is the better camera system to go with? Canon or Nikon? Does one or the other have better lenses ? We all know that they try to out do each other in technology. Although I think Nikon is winning right now. Canon or Nikon which is better to build a system on? I've actually thought about going over to the other side.

The question: "Which is the better camera system?" will only end up in a trench war between fans of the individual brands. It is very difficult (if not impossible) to say which one is better, and especially which one is better for you, as it depends on your photography requirements (kids, sport, nature/animals, landscape, portraits and so on)

If you instead ask: "Which camera system should I choose for getting started in photography?", I would say that there are three main decision points to consider:

1. Which brand does your photography friends and/or club use? By choosing the same brand as them, you can more easily get answers to questions, and borrow/try out lenses, flashes, batteries, remote controls etc

I personally use Canon, but this past weekend I went on a 3 day photo trip/workshop with 7 Nikon users, so there was a lot of nice Nikon gear around; I would have loved to be able to use/share some of that nice gear

2. What does your local camera shop carry? You may be tempted to buy your camera online to save a bit of money, but I would urge any beginner to buy their camera from a physical shop - you can have a play with the camera before buying, and more importantly you have somewhere to go if you encounter problems with your new camera (I'm not just talking about defects, but problems about camera settings, or how camera/lens/accessory work together)

3. If you're going to travel a lot with your camera, you may consider renting lenses locally where you're traveling. There are photography rental businesses that carry Pentax, Sony etc, but my experience is that you want to stay with Canon or Nikon if this is a requirement for you

Neither of these points are related to the actual brands or their cameras/technology, because in today's camera world you really cannot go wrong with any of the well known brands (Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony etc)

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