What makes Pentax special?

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Re: What makes Pentax special?

Model Mike wrote:

vjk2 wrote:
So it's sorta like Olympus crossed with canon/nikon.

  • ergonomics and UI
  • small size
  • weather resistance
  • build quality

K-5 series feels like it was designed by photographers.

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Exactly, Mike!

Although I continue to be a bit frustrated by Pentax dragging its heels with the release of the K-5's replacement, I still feel like the K-5 was designed by photographers FOR photographers.

Sunday night NatGeoWild had a show about birds of Paradise with two photographers/ornithologists who, over 10 years, did something never before done (documented and photographed/videoed all 39 species of bird of paradise). They were on a secluded island off Papau New Guinea attempting to get video of the mating rituals and mating of one of the least documented birds of paradise (one that's indigenous to only that island and one other). They were using EXPENSIVE Canon EOS cameras (1Ds, I think), with HUGE lenses -- likely along the lines of 600mm F4 -- with the camoflauge "skins" on the lenses (so far as I know, these are available only for Canon), and the only tree with the proper perspective to get good video of the mating rituals they needed (these birds had a specific tree they preferred) was one a few feet away, with pretty spindly limbs that high up -- about 100 feet...

The photographer had to scale the tree to set up his cameras (two of them), risking life and limb on branches that were BARELY supporting his weight, but after he got them set up the first day, clouds moved in (rain forest, yaknow), and since -- as the narrator mentioned -- the cameras and lenses weren't waterproof -- he had to climb back up and bring them back down. Every day he had to risk his life going up that spindly tree to set those cameras up again (although it finally paid off), because, of course, they weren't waterproof (likely not even water resistant, which is all Pentax actually claims).

On the flipside, however, they WERE capable of tethering, so there were cables running from the cameras all the way down the tree to their laptops, so they could run them, sync them, and see exactly what they were doing from the ground -- something SORELY LACKING on the K-5.

It's issues like that which Pentax really needs to address with its next camera -- especially if they hope to hold on to serious enthusiasts and what few pros still prefer Pentax... Tethering, better flash support, better metering -- a faster, dual card slot, if I get my way -- and a few more megapixels, and I'd be thrilled!


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