Why the difference in mirrorless's popularity in the West and the East

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Re: Why the difference in mirrorless's popularity in the West and the East

Its a rather tricky question, without reference to any stats etc allow me to make a comment based on my experince as a photography teacher.

In classes (in Australia) i find very few people have an awareness of mirrorless cameras or the potential benefits. When they buy a "better camera" than their old compact they simply go with herd mentality and choose the standard Nikon or Canon DSLR. Most buyers ( not DPReview forum folk) don't do much market research, they simply buy what their friends have bought. Once in the system they then need to stick with the system or re-spend a lot of cash.

But here is the telling bit.... Almost universally once I demo a mirrorless camera in a group, the response is "why did we buy a DSLR?".

Thing is most people do not need or want a DSLR for its obvious benefits, like shooting action or accessing exotic telephotos etc. They just buy and use a basic to mid level DSLR with a std kit lens.

At the end of the day I think it is just a lack of consumer awareness. If Canon or Nikon seriously persued the mirrorless market sales would take off. Neither company has of course because it would canibalise their lucrative lens sales and radically increase their R and D costs.

Meanwhile I suspect Sony have made the conscious decision to go a different route, which will be more obvious in the next 12 months or so.

Basically i think mirrorless has not yet reached critical mass where average consumers are concerned and different markets will come to that point at different times.

For various reasons the US market, which is huge will likely be the slowest adopter.
Trying to make the complex simple

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