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Jim Cockfield wrote:

kelpdiver wrote:

Jim, you really need to be open to new data when you tell these stories.   Making a strawman statement like - 'do what you like, but I like my data' gives short shrift to discussion.

The 8 sec parking issue is resolvable - w3idle.   And then it does in fact work fine in unix land.  My zfs array continues to spin along, and periodic scrubbing (2 weeks) confirms no bad sectors developing.   Now as I wrote earlier, it did have a rather poor DOA rate when I built the array in fall 2011, though I extend that to drives in general these days.

Sorry... call it a straw man argument if you like.  But, IMO, the load cycle behavior is a real drawback to the WD Green Drives, as the constant parking/unparking of the drive heads is probably contributing to the problems with them.

BTW, a typical user isn't going to know to run utilities to try and update parameters in the drive's firmware, or how to look at SMART Data and run drive self tests, etc.

They're probably going to suspect other causes for their issues, not realizing they have a drive issue until they lose important data.

But, that's not the most important thing... sector read errors inside of a year of use (the behavior I've seen with all of them I've bought) is the main problem with them, and their firmware seems reluctant to map bad sectors to spares (just leaving them in a "pending reallocation" state instead, meaning you're more like to see issues in real world use with them from what I can see of the way they work).

I'm not buying any more of them.

The last one I had in use started giving me only 5595 power on hours (233 days), and had been running 24x7.

I realized it had an issue after writing a linux distro to a partition I had setup on it and got errors trying to use it (and the md5sum of the source media on a USB Flash drive was fine); finding the WD green drive was the issue.

The load cycle count is well withing rated specs, and wasn't even showing any reallocated sectors yet (although it had 64 sectors pending reallocation and 17 offline uncorrectable according to the SMART data).   It wouldn't even pass a short self test without read failures 10% into it.

That seems to be typical of my experience with them, not realizing I have a problem until too late --- usually during backups and seeing sector read errors (which is the way the one that had issues before that one starting failing, even though SMART data looked OK), or because I start seeing odd errors using apps that turns out to be a drive issue.

I've got a couple more sitting on a shelf with issues, even though they still run (just keeping them as extra backups since they have sector read errors and I don't trust them for use anymore).

I don't even want to bother to zero fill them and see if they're correctable, since I just don't trust the WD Green drives anymore.

Suit yourself.  But, I sure won't buy any more of them.

The fact that you went on to recommend a Seagate 4tb green drive, despite their pretty bad history of late with 1.5s, 2s, 3s, makes me wonder 'WTF?'   You can't rationally write off an entire WD product line based on minimal experience, and then accept a new product from its rival despite their history.

Yep, I'd buy that Seagate Model over a WD Green Drive.

The one I pointed to has *all* positive reviews at newegg so far (9 out of the 10 reviews so far have been 5 stars, with one of them 4 stars.

It's a new design using 1TB platters from what I understand.

So yep, I'd buy it over a WD Green drive for sure.  Try to find a WD Green drive with 10 four or five star reviews in a row.   It doesn't look like newegg has any 4TB WD Green Drives. But, here's one of the 3TB models:

So, which one do you think I'd buy? The Seagate with 9 out of 10 reviews at 5 stars so far, with the other review rating at it 4 stars; or the WD Green with an average 3 star rating so far?

Sure, It's too soon to tell about long term reliability of a brand new model like that Seagate.   But, initial reviews are positive, and I know from personal experience that WD Green Drives stink (at least the ones I've bought so far).

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