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Re: Frame rate not without flaws...........

It's not about exposure, but about trying to get a sharp photo, is what I meant. It's hard to get a photo come out sharp at 1/40 or slower. A percentage of photos succeed if you happen to hold the camera still and when the toddler happens to hold his head still. But when I do this 20 times, a few come out ok.

Ok, so the issue you are overcoming isn't focusing in low light or noise as a result of high ISO but camera shake as a result of low ISO/small aperture. It also follows then that you must be shooting static subjects as I don't know of any "action" shot that would look sharp at 1/40" or less.

In that scenario, a high burst rate with a stuttering viewfinder is probably manageable.

Another example is when I want to capture a moving object as sharp as possible, with the background with motion blur. The faster you shoot, the better chance that one of them will succeed.

As for stuttering, a mirror would flicker too. The stuttering can be dealt with. At least it's not blinking out.

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