Can I get some suggestions?

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Re: Can I get some suggestions?

ConanD wrote:

On these photos?  I'm pretty new to photography -- been at it for about 1 year.  I'm looking to improve and was hoping to get some feedback.  These are in my gallery with others.  Thanks for any tips.  And don't beat around the bush.  I've got a thick skin.  If they suck, let me know.

Good one I like this

Too much clutter. Another angle might have got a better back ground

The people being darker helps here. But in an ideal world the front of the car wouldn't be darkened as well. I'd look into selective adjustment. What do you edit in?

Tricky subject. The trouble with tricky things like this is  you are so compromised on where you stand people in the way. May be try a tack day or lower category race with better access would work better. Also I love B&W but i bet the car would jump out more in colour

I get the idea but i think it needs less bits in

Great idea. But I'd go for all 3 figures as non transparent. Depending on how you did this that shouldn't be too hard. I'd go all colour or all B&W


I like this one, If it were mine I'd try and darken the wall and then increase the contrast with curves so that each layer back is a bit darker but starting lighter at the front. But that might not help at all...

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