Blackrapid strap almost killed $9000 worth of gear

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Re: Can't agree more.

Good point.  The only reason I switched to blackrapid was back problems and my shoulder socket was hurting when reaching for the camera.  I also had the Domke strap that is sticky and causes some friction each time I grab the camera on my jacket.

I find the Blackrapid has incredible functionality but at the risk of destroying the camera.  This valuable forum has supplied precautions to lessen the chance of catastrophic damage to the camera when using Blackrapid.  I just wanted to note there is another catastrophic point of failure that others should be aware of.

I work in fast paced situations where switching cameras fast is often required.  The Blackrapid works wonders in such a situation especially when using a 400mm on a monopod on a third body.

BH has dozens of Blackrapid-type straps on display.  Some look really flimsy and I'm surprised B&H Photo is actually selling them without warning labels.

M Lammerse wrote:

joneil wrote:

Are sales people in camera stores under some kind of pressure ot sell these new style of straps?  Seriously?   I do not like this style of strap.   Even if I did trust them, even if each strap came with a personal warranty signed by the president, the queen and the pope, I still would not buy one.  I just do not like the style or how they feel.

Besides of the style. The camera bottom is not designed to stand pulling pressure. It's not for nothing that they designed the camera in such way that a neck (shoulder) strap should be connected to the top of the camera, not to the bottom plate.

besides of this, i don't want to think about it when a camera bungles besides my hip with the 70-200 on to it when im in a crowded demonstration or press event. Even if my camera is not responsible for my income, i would really think twice before to use something like that. Im not the only one, non of my colleagues would use such kind of least i dont see them being used In Japan and Europe. Might be that they are more popular in the US?

But every single camera store that I either talk to on the phone or enter in person, that is all they want to sell me.  When I tell them I am not interested, I get this look like I am some kind of whack job that just fell off the turnip truck.

I use rhe standard Nikon strap at press events, I use Optech and UPstrap usually on the D3S . They are very comfortable straps, giving my shoulder/neck good support at long events when using heavy lenses. Boring maybe but functional.


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