New (and better?) Bare Bulb Alternative to Q Flash and Elinchrom Ranger. What do you think?

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Re: Godox advantage + the choice between Q, E and G Re: Bargain basement QFlash X kit

UKphotographers wrote:

plevyadophy wrote:

As for PWs, Phottix etc, surely peeps don't use those things with the Quantum if they are shooting Canon or Nikon?? Really? What's the point, if the Quantum stuff is already fully compatible?!!

Search me.. probably because they bought 'xyrly' triggers to fire their collection of speedlights - and they don't want to change to protect their 'investment' ?

Oh, I see.

Back to Godox -v- Quantum. One advantage I see with the Godox kit is that the capacitors are in the head which means you can use pretty much any battery you want (the same battery pack will work with either the 180W or 360W version) whereas with the Quantum you have to jettison the flexibility of the T series batteries and opt for the less flexible Qpac batts. What's your take on this?

Whats so exciting or limiting about batteries?

It's what IBM and HP used to call TCO (total cost of ownership)

You need at least one for every light and I have never used a speedlight with a Turbo as its totally unnecessary.

Well, I have used OEM "turbo" packs for speedlites on long duration shoots or where I wanted quicker recycling; but yeah, oftentimes it's easier just to carry one or two additional sets of AA batts for your extra duration and bump up the ISO for a quicker flash recycle.

Having separate power packs means you can have your weight or ballast low down on your stand, not swinging on the top.

I got no problem with a separate power pack. I was just saying that with the Godox, because it's capacitor exists in the head, you are not restricted as to which battery to use. The batts for the Godox won't be swinging on the top.

But I guess, it also means the batteries for the Godox system might be lighter and therefore not as effect as a ballast as a capacitor-battery combo pack would be.

Heaven forbid you ever need to rationalise using an Elinchrom or Profoto or Bowens or whatever battery portable - their batteries are intended to only power one thing.

Yeah, but it's nice, if one can have the option, to have packs that can power more than one type of device and/or power two heads. I don't really see anything wrong with looking to such options or, if one product has that feature to figure it into the equation when considering what to buy.

But taking the speedlites out of the equation, the way the batteries work on the Godox system seems to give a good TCO equation. If you look at Godox -v- Quantum from an entry-level-then-upgrade perspective, the Godox involves just buying a new head to upgrade (Godox 360) but with the Quantum kit, to upgrade, you have to buy a new head (Quantun X) as well as a new battery pack (Qpaq) which does work with your existing lights.

Plus it's nice to have just say four batteries of the same type into which you plug any of your heads; in the similar way how many of us complain when companies produce flash triggers or light meters that take anything other than AA batts because we just wanna manage one type of battery.

If one common battery is more important and works better for you than all the other benefits you lose, then go for that option.

Well, I am just trying to look at all the features and compare them. I think, hope, you appreciate that I am not a champion for any one system or feature over another (yet ) as I have four systems in my sights (Quantum T, Quantum X, Elinchrom Quadra, and now this new Godox thing). It seems to me that each system has one or two features that floats my boat but that the other systems lack.

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Theres only one sun. Why do I need more than one light to get a natural result?

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