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Re: FX Sensor Questions and Help

Shibby26 wrote:

So here are some questions I need help clarifying

  • I read on the d7100 review that 24mp on a APS-C sensor is equivalent pixel density of around 50+ MP on Fullframe. Does this mean then a landscape photo that doesnt require much editing at low iso will be better on a D7100?
  • If viewing a large prints I'm guessing the higher pixel count would look better?
  • I have come across a few places that say to get best results, sharpness across the frame, that FF needs to stop down alot more. IS this always the case or more on the lenses. I guess for portraiture this isnt a issue, but for travel photos/landscapes, would I have to shoot around f8 all the time for optimum settings? This may offset the iso advantage by having to up the iso to get good shutter speeds.
  • Does having larger pixels mean the sensor can capture more details?

Any other info will help or links. Theres not much price difference  in these setups maybe $400 more for the d600, and the kit lens is about the same as the sigma 17-50

In order of your questions:

  • No, a landscape at low ISO (or any ISO) will not be better on a D7100. The pixel density is a non-issue, since the pixel count is the same for both cameras, and the D600 has a sensor more than twice the size, providing it with an advantage IQ-wise.
  • There is no "higher pixel count;" both the D600 and D7100 have 24MP.
  • FF doesn't need to "stop down a lot more," a roughly one and one third stop difference equalizes depth of field. As for sharpness "across the frame," the FF camera will provide better sharpness than the APS-C camera more often than not, since the APS-C camera demands much more resolving power from the lens due to its sensor being less than half as big. Even if you require the same DOF and need the shutter speed to remain the same, thus "offsetting" the ISO advantage of the bigger sensor, the fact remains that with the FF sensor, you have the flexibility to isolate subject vs. maximize DOF, whereas the APS-C camera will often limit your flexibility (because the lenses aren't fast enough to match the FF lens DOF range). Would you rather have more flexibility or less?
  • Having larger pixels does not mean the sensor can capture more details; having a bigger sensor does mean the sensor can capture more details, since taking the same image means a longer focal length lens on the FF camera as compared with the APS-C camera, which magnifies the image details more (as respects the image being "projected" (if you will) onto the sensor by the lens).

The other benefit you'll get with a D600 vs. a D7100 is a much bigger viewfinder that is much more of a pleasure to use. Don't believe the supposed viewfinder size comparisons on DPR, they are incorrect (they incorrectly assume the APS-C sensor is 2/3 the size of the FF sensor, when you consider their math, when in fact the APS-C sensor is less than half the size). The "coverage" and "magnification" of the viewfinder is "coverage" of the sensor and "magnification" of the sensor, which means that they apply to the sensor size, not the "crop factor."

In short, if you want better image quality, more flexibility, and a better viewfinder, get the D600. If you want to save a few bucks and don't care about the reduced image quality, reduced flexibility, and crappy viewfinder, get the D7100.

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