Worth purchasing a Noise Reduction addon for Aperture 3?

Started Apr 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Worth purchasing a Noise Reduction addon for Aperture 3?

Robgo2 wrote:

Apertures handling of Normal noise is excellent, every bit as good the best in class, in fact the results are so close to Noise Ninja, I suspect they may have licensed NN. It is pre-optimised to deliver an excellent balance and can only be tweaked, never fully turned off (even setting the slider to zero in raw fine tuning) as it's built into the raw conversion process.

For the record, the current version of Noise Ninja that is integrated and available only in Photo Ninja is significantly improved over the previous stand-alone version.  I have no idea if NN was ever licensed for use in Aperture.

I specifically tested Aperture NR (the type that happens at raw decode, not the NR adjustment brick) against Photo Ninja rather than the old NN. The normal shot noise reduction was near identical.

Obviously Photo Ninja's version can also be used for dealing with excessive noise as well, and does so very well.


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