Anyone using this RX1 grip? Really Right Stuff

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Re: Anyone using this RX1 grip? Really Right Stuff

Hawaii-geek wrote:

Anyone using this RX1  grip?   Really Right Stuff

Hi there HG,
This is Jonas B and we have "met" earlier in the Olympus, perhaps the micro 4/3 forum, discussing a couple of different things. I'm no longer that active here at DPR but happened to see your question about the grip when looking for other information.
I use the RRS grip. Now the camera is new to me (2 weeks) but the grip is not. ?? The last year I have been using the Olympus E-M5 and that camera is the same with regards to size and unusable original design for me so I have used a similar grip with the E-M5 all the time.
I shoot a little in the streets, whatever I find remotely interesting, some portraits, city-scapes and some landscapes, people, abandoned places, whatever but no parties or models. I often use tripod. I think this is different from your use but anyway:
The grip is essential to me. I wish John Milich made an RX1 grip as I like his design better than the RRS but they are very close to each other. The grip makes it possible to quickly get the camera out of the bag and to hold it securely - without a grip the camera needs a strap and that's not for me.
I bought the full set including the L-plate from RRS. It works well, the integrated Arca-Swiss plates adds a lot of value for me, the left side cover over the connectors can be opened and used without removing the grip or the L section and it is the same with the battery door.
RRS should have a look at the Milich grip and learn how to make the metal possible to hold without slipping. I had to attache some anti slip tape on the grip handle and now it works as expected (which means very very well and the grip won't come off the camera).
The grip adds to the size of the camera but that is not a problem at all for my hands. You have probably already checked the images at RRS here.

The price, well, it isn't cheap but you nearly get what you pay for; the grip fits perfectly to the camera bottom plate and it is, unlike some SLR grips, rock steady.

kind regards,

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