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RomanJohnston wrote:

I just finally upgraded my D300 to a D800.

My wife FORCED me to do this. (I market my there is some merit there)

If you are average joe photographer serious or just knocking around, the D7000/D7100 should easily get you professional level results.

Most of my gallery is D300, D2X or D70 material. So you CAN get professional results from older or less than absolute bleeding edge top of the line gear.

For the pro, or advanced amateur who are very serious and capable of wringing out the absolute maximum of every file, then yes, keeping up with technology and every little bit they can gain has some wisdom to it.

Not everybody is in that fact MOST aren't. And if they are buying the new gear in hopes to be a better photographer...instead of say...investing in a workshop to improve their skills of shooting or post processing...then those people would easily fit into the context of your post.

My advice is to invest in yourself first...THEN once you know how to wring out every last bit of each file you take....then invest in gear because you run into limitations.


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I've been following your D800 familiarization posts with some interest, Roman.  Your comments about now finding it profitable to switch from having to emphasize color over detail to a more pleasing balance between detail and color in post ( if I'm interpreting you correctly ) are food for thought.  Although I regret the loss of future inspiring images from "mere mortals' " equipment from you, your wife was very wise to tip the scales.

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