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Re: What's it over the EOM-D

Franka T.L. wrote:

I must admit, curious about it. What would be under the hood that would distinguish it from the E-M5. There's seems not much of a difference in there to differentiate the product better. There is an on going and hot rumor that the next OM-D also on the line so really wonder if them would made a pair ... I would figure if Olympus could put the E-P 5 up for better Video it can be a serious platform ( probably not going to challenge the new BMCC though )

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The upcoming E-P5 looks to be a nice improvement over the previous E-P3 and an slight improvement over the E-M5.  The E-P5 if the rumors are correct has improved IBIS and AF over the E-M5.  It has the same sensor and image processor so the image quality is going to be about the same.  It wil get the smaller AF box that the E-PL5 has but the E-M5 doesn't.  It gets focus peaking.  It doesn't have weather-sealing and built-in EVF.  The cost difference between the E-P5 and the E-M5 is going to be interesting.  So one just have to look at the slight differences in features and price and choice.

Olympus at CP+ had a poster that showed that the E-P5, an OMD and an E-Series cameras are coming this year.  Is the OMD going to be the OMD-pro and be above the E-M5 or is it going to be a true replacement for the E-M5.  If it is a true E-M5 replacement, lets call it E-M6, it will get the E-P5 features and be weather-sealed and have a built-in evf.  This will be really nice.  If the next OMD is going to be a pro-level camera one can only dream what it is going to be like.


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