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First off

tron555 wrote:

MrScorpio… I have three questions for you.

  1. What is the difference in price between the 6D Canon and 2 lenses from 14-150mm and the E-PL5 and its 2 lenses from 14-150mm?

Did you mean to compare E-PL5 + 14-150 against 6D and 28-300?

If you are comparing 14-150 against 14-150, your comparing somewhat wide to fairly long against UW to somewhat long.  I'm thinking you meant 14-150 against 28-300 as these would have the same FoV.

  1. What is the difference in weight between the 6D/2 and 2 lenses from 14-150mm and the E-PL5 and its 2 lenses from 14-150mm?


6D                667g                    E-PL5       325g

28-135mm    540g                    14-45mm  195g

75-300mm    480g                   40-150mm  190g

total           1687g                                    705g

a difference of almost 1000g

prefer a single lens solution?

28-300mm 1.66kg                    14-150mm 280g

Even bigger difference.

Notes: I used the Panny 14-45, which is heavier than the Oly kit lens

also picked the 28-135 as I didn't find Canon in the 28-80mm range.

> What is the difference between total IQ between the 6D and the E-PL5 percentage wise?

Don't have the Canon gear, you'll have to run your own tests.

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