GH3 - Who says that m43 is not good for sports !!!

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Re: A Summary

Jorginho wrote:

If you want a compelling photo and want to have a good chance to catch one you need high frames per second, very fast focussing and very good focus tracking. Also, you need to be able to single out the subject so our eyes are drawn to where I want them to be.
That is why they invented D4 and 1Dx. Now, thart being thee pinnacle for sportshooting the current m43s are about the opposit of that. D7000 and 7D are much closer to that than any mFT camera currently.

mFt can overcome all those hurdles bar the subject isolation, which will be difficult. I can see how software can blur things out, giving that isolation. When camera processing power gets powerfull enough, smart software settings should be able to tackle that too. But that is an assumption and we are not there at all currently.

So does this not count?

"Decisive moment" caught quite easily without a burst mode in sight... Check.

Pin point focus, as far as I can tell, without using any form of C-AF... Check

Good subject isolation... Check

Also can I point out that the way to get better subject isolation with m4/3 doesn't have to be resorting to computer magic. You could just do what everyone does with DSLRs and stick a faster lens on.

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