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I can dispel some misconceptions on the X-S1...

at least my copy of it anyway. Firstly the comment that the G5 at ISO 1600 is like the X-S1 at ISO 400 is rubbish. If you shoot the X-S1 in EXR mode, like the X10, it is very clean and ISO 3200 is very usable. Even at the higher resolution I would not say the G5 is two stops better, more like 1 to my eyes (I've owned a G5 as well).
The X-S1 has a very versatile range from 24mm to 624mm, don't underestimate this and also how good the lens is. I'd take it over the Panasonic 100-300mm at the long end (I used to have the Panasonic 100-300mm, mine wasn't all that).
The X-S1 has a lot of tricks up it's sleeve making it a great one size fits all camera. The EVF is excellent as is the LCD. I have also found the image stabilisation to be superb, handholding at the long end at very low speeds is no problem. Unfortunately there were some QC issues with the early X-S1's but the newer production runs are fine. This has resulted in some unfortunate and misguided opinions such as seen in this thread, mainly by those that haven't used or owned the camera. I've been very impressed with mine and the dynamic range in EXR mode will outdo the OMD I had, it's hard to blow highlights if you set it up properly, and no I'm not joking.
The main drawback with the X-S1 is it's size, it's like a DSLR and handles like one. Not a problem to me but for some microphiles it's too much to bear. Personally I think Fuji did a great job with this camera, shame the early production runs had issues but then that is typical Fuji.

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