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Re: FX Sensor Questions and Help

Shibby26 wrote:

D600 + Kit 24-85VR  +  70-200 F4 ( I have good filters at 72mm already so can re use these for this kit lens.

I have the D600 and 70-200.  It is a great combination.  The kit lens is well thought of.  I can't comment on your other choices as I haven't used those lenses.

So here are some questions I need help clarifying

  • I read on the d7100 review that 24mp on a APS-C sensor is equivalent pixel density of around 50+ MP on Fullframe. Does this mean then a landscape photo that doesnt require much editing at low iso will be better on a D7100

No.  But see below.

  • If viewing a large prints I'm guessing the higher pixel count would look better?

Maybe.  It depends upon the size of the print and the viewing distance.  In practical terms of moderate print size (11x14, 16x20), it makes some (but not head slapping) difference. It depends too on the quality and character of the image.

  • I have come across a few places that say to get best results, sharpness across the frame, that FF needs to stop down alot more. IS this always the case or more on the lenses. I guess for portraiture this isnt a issue, but for travel photos/landscapes, would I have to shoot around f8 all the time for optimum settings? This may offset the iso advantage by having to up the iso to get good shutter speeds.

Sort of.  A characteristic of decreasing the sensor size is that you get greater depth of field for a given f-stop.  It is not "sharpness across the frame" but how much foreground and background are in focus.  The upside is that it is much easier to  isolate subjects - blur the background - with full frame.

Most of my travel/landscape shots are at f8 - f11.  Most of my bird shots are at f2.8 - f8.  It is not a matter of optimum settings - it's about having the flexibility to create the image that you want.

I think you underestimate the ISO advantage.

  • Does having larger pixels mean the sensor can capture more details?

Sort of.  The advantage of the D7100 and to a greater extent the D600 is the increased dynamic range of the images - at least over the current crop of m4/3's.  You'll be able to capture more shadow detail while still keeping highlights.  Again, it depends upon the image.  There are certainly images (evenly lit scene of moderate dynamic range) where an m4/3 will for all practical purposes be indistinguishable from a D600 image.  But in low light or contrasty scenes where you want to hold details, the larger sensors make a significant difference.

Any other info will help or links. Theres not much price difference  in these setups maybe $400 more for the d600, and the kit lens is about the same as the sigma 17-50


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