G5 or XS-1

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Re: G5 or XS-1

I was considering Nex6, but was dissapointed at the color rendering after thr trial at the camera store. I went home and scan throu youyube, flickr, pbase, and photo.net for many many cameras, including nex6, nex7 (for others work, to see how much problem is user's fault), g5, g5, fz200, fujifilm x-series mirrorless and its p&s, canon t4i and its super zoom p&s., as well as Leica X1 X2.

after a vase comprison, under my personal taste, this is my impression

1. Sony p&s tend to have very strong exaggerated coloring and overdone in sharpening, etc. It's like thevfood with a lot of salt, pepper, and msg.

2. Sony nex, due to the same philosophy in its p&s, should only be used with raw. However, even with raw, the color is still net pleasing. I felt its mid tone is not rich, and the highlight abd shade look very harsh. It has the look of misprinted ilfochrome. Its when printing the slide (ver high dynamic range) on ilfochrome with out proper silver masking.

3. I dint find intereting quality stuffs from fujifilm. Pictures and mivies from internet are so so, nothing can show the strength over any p&s like fz200.

4. Among all the p&s, Fz200 is the most impressive. I found more favorable stuffs even compared to lx7, although many owners claim lx7 is a much better camera.

5. g3 and g5 look the same to me. It's much more film-like than nex in tems of coloring, contrast, etc.

6. T4i is similar to g3/g5, but even better. yes, the movie is not as smooth as g or nex, but its not a problem at all except for fast sports. Alas, it xannot take leica m mount lens.

I ordered and received g5 kit p,us, some extra stuffs. It's not my leica m9 companion, for movie and super tele. I put my leica r, contax, and hasselblad stuffs on it.

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