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pipee wrote:

A full frame with the same megapixel count will capture about twice as much detail as a crop frame.

Because the pixels are crammed onto a sensor half the size of a full frame it is true that D7100 is equivalent density to a 50+ megapixel fullframe. This puts a lot of strain on the lens so in real life, you will not resolve near that many megapixels.

There are many detailed explanations on why that is but I like to think in simple scenarios:

As we all know, at the same focal lengths, the full frame will be wider than a crop frame due to the cropped image. The full frame thus can get closer to the subject or zoom in to achieve a similar result to the crop frame. So it's simple, you are resolving more detail than the equivalent crop frame because you are closer to the subject.

A lens will struggle more in the corners more on a full frame because it uses a bigger area of the lens. If corner brightness and sharpness is important to you, then do research on the lens.

I'm sorry.  I can only assume you are terrible at explaining things.  Your explanation of the resolution differences between FX and DX and how close you are to the subject makes no sense at all.

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