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Re: relative positions
But theoretically,I have doubts about what you're saying, as far "relative positions".

Sure, the air in the plane is also moving at 500mph. That's why the passengers don't suffocate.

Even dust particles, in the air in the plane. They too are moving at 500mph.

But you seem to be suggesting that the electromagnetic signals (or whatever they are), emitted by the wi-fi hotspot ... are they like dust particles in the air in the plane ?

I'm no expert, but I'd say "no". Those signals, I'd say, go in all directions at the same speed, at the instant they are transmitted.

And hence, relative to the plane, the area of coverage from the wi-fi hotspot would not be a perfect circle around the wi-fi hotspot in the moving plane.

But I am just thinking theoretically, at I see now, 500mph, it's not quite enough to be an issue, I'd guess. So for practical terms, you're right.

Yes 500mph is a small fraction of the speed of light. But there is actually no effect even if it were 500million mph.

According to the theory of relativity, there is no way to distinguish whether both you and the wifi router are moving at 500mph and the earth is staying put, or whether you and the plane are staying put and the earth is moving at 500mph in the other direction.

So from the perspective of the moving plane, the area of coverage of the wifi hotspot is then a perfect circle. Just as if the wifi hotspot were stationary and only the earth moved.

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