Are m4/3 cameras too expensive when you…

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Re: Are m4/3 cameras too expensive when you…

I am coming from a Canon G12, and still have a Sony DSC-H5. Both cameras still work and have served me very well. They were considered the best cameras in their class when I purchased them. Since I only upgrade every 4-5 years, I like to get the latest and greatest (best bang for the buck) technology to try and future proof myself as much as possible.|0/%28brand%29/Olympus/%28appareil2%29/665|0/%28brand2%29/Canon/%28appareil3%29/612|0/%28brand3%29/Olympus

It has been suggested that I go with 2-3 year old cameras and slightly outdated technology, but they do not have the sensor, processing power, AF speed, FPS, touch screen, etc… the E-PL5 has, which are very impressive IMHO.

I’m pretty sure shooting the E-PL5 with two very good lenses ranging from 14-150mm, and all the features it has should last me at least 4 years, or more. As time goes by and I feel the need to add lenses, I will get exactly what I need when that time comes. A nice fast prime will probably be my next lens, like the Panasonic LUMIX G 20mm f/1.7 or Panasonic Lumix 14mm f/2.5 G, if I need something wider.

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