New (and better?) Bare Bulb Alternative to Q Flash and Elinchrom Ranger. What do you think?

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Re: Good info in this thread.

Daniel Lauring wrote:

plevyadophy wrote:

The pain in the butt as I see it is that each kit has one or two features that floats my boat but then leaves out something that one of the other kits have.

Godox: having to faff around with two separate triggers;

Two triggers?  Do you mean if you are going to have TTL?  My issue is more if I want TTL I'll still be carrying around the speedlights.  So my bag will have 3 speedlights and 2 or 3 Godox' the Godox triggers and the Pixel Kings (for the speedlight TTL.)

I was thinking of the fact that you have to have one trigger for the HSS feature and then use the other for power adjustments of the lights and even then you still have to walk over to your lights, which might be high up on a stand, to switch HSS on and off. The good thing here in favour of the Elinchrom lights is that if you do have to walk over to your lights, all the power controls are lower down on the battery pack.

Re Pixel Kings. I think it's a given that if you mix TTL flash with manual flash (Godox, Elinchrom) you may have to have two remote triggers (one for the TTL speedlites and the other for the manual lights).

almost useless focus assist lamp;

I've long since stopped using a focus assist lamp.  It was too much of a distraction.

I am not lucky enough to own one of them new cams that can focus down to -3EV or -2EV. So I need as much focus assistance as I can get (and besides, I am sure I was reading somewhere an explanation as to why these new focus modules aren't as reliable as the older less sensitive types).

no TTL;

Which will require keeping the speedlights around for some event photography.

Yeah, I do like mi speelites too and I am considering that Nissin machine gun monster (the MG8000) for stuff like fashion shows but ................. if one needs more power than a speedlite can offer, or wants a nicer spread of light in addition to more power and also wants TTL then it appears the only game in town is Quantum's lights.

no Auto Flash Mode;

?  Do you mean with a thermistor on the flash?  This is almost useless to me.  If I'm going to use auto it has got to be TTL.

Yeah that's what I am talking about. I actually like using Auto Thyristor type settings as I find it more predictable than TTL and more convenient than Manual flash.

no way to switch HSS on and off from the on-camera remote control;

I'm more concerned with whether it will work with Pixel Kings.  Neutral density filters might be the way to go anyway, as you mentioned.  I just picked up a Cokin filter set.

Did you read Part 2 of the Godox review over at Flash Havoc? He does an entire feature on HSS options and discusses things like Pixel Kings etc.

Re ND filters. That very same Part 2 review shows very clearly, with the benefit of sample images, how the use of ND filters might be a photogs best friend. But me, i am lazy and hate carrying extra bits and pieces, plus having an ND filter on front of my lenses may cause my cams to hunt for focus; I could of course use the Cokin type filters, just slide the filter up to focus and then down again to take the shot but that then loses the rhythm of the soot.

It's really annoying, all these damn variables; why can't things be like Soviet Russia ....... minimal choices!

no modeling light; no distance/range readout.

A modeling light might be nice to light a scene but they do drain batteries and I've lived just fine without them with speedlights.

Yeah, they do drain batts if you leave them on for too long or use them as a crutch rather than a quick aid. I have got by without a modelling light but I stress "got by", in other words, I just make do; I have always wanted decent modelling lights on a speedlight and get seriously p!ssed off at having to shoot-and-chimp-shoot-and-chimp.

The advantage of Elinchrom kit is that it does have a half decent modelling light which can be pressed into use for video as well (of course, as has been pointed out by another poster in this thread, the modelling light ain't super powerful and will therefore be pretty useless once it's being bounced into an umbrella or such like.

Then there is the issue of whether or not a circa 200W kit (Godox 180 and Quantum T series) is worth the bother given that you are only really getting one additional stop of light in normal (non-HSS) mode when the 400W kits (forthcoming Godox 360, Elincrhom Quadra, Quantum X series) will give you that extra one stop when the power is turned down plus even more light when the power is turned up.

In some cases, behind modifiers that require a lot of light spread, they are closer to 2 stops of light, from the reviews I've read (because they don't require as much diffusion.)

Yeah, I hear that but if the price differential between the lower power lights (Godox 180, Quantum T) and the higher power varants (Godox 360, Quantum X, Elinchrom Quadra) isn't that great then it makes sense, I would have thought, to get the more powerful lights all else being equal, do you not think so?

My other concerns are long term durability and resale value.  I generally don't buy electronics with resale in mind, but it is a factor when upgrading.  Because the Godox are so new to the market and there are no alternatives in their price range they may be commanding a higher price than they will in a year or two (like most new products on the market.)

Yes, indeed. Very valid concerns, especially as we already know from day dot that these Godox kits are going to be upgraded pretty soon (at the very least with an option to control HSS from the camera position, and possibly a new combined triggering unit; with possible changes to the main hardware to follow to incorporate TTL flash feet so at least the AF Assist Lamp works automatically). So with that in mind, yeah, resale value is of concern. Durability is also an issue I guess; but the impressions from early adopters/reviewers seems to be favourable.

Unless I really need it, I avoid buying a new lens when they first are released because if I wait a year or two I can usually buy them new or used for about 50% lower.  For example, the new image stabilized 70-200 F2.8 Tamron runs about 50% more than the similar image stabilized 70-200 Sigma when you search prices on Ebay.

I take a similar approach to buying gear.

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