What makes Pentax special?

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Re: What makes Pentax special?

vjk2 wrote:

I had considered a Pentax when I first bought a DSLR, but for some reason went Olympus instead.

When I was shopping for my first DSLR, I wanted IBIS and good value. The finalists were the Pentax K100D Super and Olympus E510. I chose the K100DS for its superior low light performance, and use of AA batteries. I have never regretted my decision to go with Pentax over all others. I am still firmly convinced that Pentax is the best brand for me. Pentax is very photo-centric in their design philosophy, that's why the K-30 is the only midrange body with two control wheels and a 100% coverage OVF. The sensors have always been top-notch, from the earliest Pentax models to now. I expect to see a pro-spec APS-C shortly and a base level body to replace the K-r.

The Pentax lens line is not as extensive as Nikon or Canon, but other than super expensive specialty lenses, there are few holes. Image quality is not an issue, Pentax lenses can stand with any. Prices are comparable and bargains are available. Weather-resistance is a nice plus, and Pentax is the only brand selling inexpensive WR lenses. Some Pentax lenses have been designed with different priorities than straight MTF numbers as measured by Photozone (i.e. optimized for bokeh, flare resistance, superior colour & contrast, compact size). Access to millions of legacy lenses is a nice bonus. Exploring and exploiting old glass is the main interest of some Pentax shooters.

Controls are far more important to me that when I bought my first DSLR. AA batteries are not so important but are still a great plus and available for the K-30 and K-5 grip. Pentax controls are the best in the business. High value and unique features include the Green Button, Hyper-Program, Program Lines, Hyper-Manual, TAv mode, S-mode and User Modes. Check this excellent description of Pentax modes at Imaging Resource:


A Pentax K-30 would be a huge upgrade in every possible way compared to your E-620 and size is very similar. At the price you could not go wrong. Olympus has lost interest in the DSLR market, and MILC is still a long way from matching DSLR performance for action, sports and wildlife. Lenses for these categories are pretty much non-existent. APS-C DSLR is still king, the sales stats show this clearly, no matter what anyone says.

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