LX7 awful edge resolution due to distortion correction

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Re: LX7 awful edge resolution due to distortion correction

The thing is it always impresses the reviewers when the verticals on the brick walls are always straight or the kerb is horizontal at full wide angle and it is usually attributed to the superb Leica lens. It is a good trick but it does take a lot of control away from the user and can create unwanted artifacts.

Shirozina wrote:

Both images are at 100% magnification - the top one looks bigger due to the image being stretched and thus resampled / upressed during the distortion correction process which is what the issue I have is. It needs so much that it destroys image detail. Look at the thumbnail lower left to see the huge pincushion shape needed to create the lower corrected image. They were taken at 16:9 and the effect is equal both sides. Image stabiliser was off which I know on the LX5 can give one edge a softer look than the other.

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