GH3 - Who says that m43 is not good for sports !!!

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Re: A Summary

Brian Wadie wrote:

For fun I thought I would try to summarise all the words written here, see if I've got it about right:

- there are some sporting situations where a DSLR will be able to cope much better than a CSC, but for the majority of cases both can do an adequate job

It's a sliding scale and depends on the sport and the situation. Shooting pics of your kid batting at home plate is not hard; catching him diving for second base or jumping to catch a fly ball is harder. Both are pics of the same sport.

- a long focal length wide aperture lens on a dslr body will isolate the subject better than any existing "long" CSC lens on a CSC body

True, and that's just the physics of sensor size.

, but the DSLR combo will cost more and weigh more (often a lot more)

This is your only point with which I've got more than a minor quibble. The OP's example used a camera and lens which Amazon (generally about the cheapest prices) currently offers for $1199 and $967 respectively. Nearly $2200, or $1000 more than I've got in my dslr with three kit lenses (please don't scoff, kit lenses are much better these days) and I can match or better those results for much less money invested. Possibly the OP's system is more expensive than might otherwise do the same job in m4/3, I don't know, I'm just going off what he used. The m4/3 system will be lighter.

If you want to talk full frame and pro glass weight and cost, yes the dslr will be more heavier and more expensive, no doubt.

- the greater depth of field makes it easier for CSC systems to shoot sporting action than the shallow depth of field with an equivalent DSLR system, some see this as undesirable

The greater depth of field also takes a little stress off the autofocus system.

- there are those of us with experience of both systems who are happy that with our lighter and cheaper CSC system we can still shoot sporting action in a way that gives satisfactory results for our needs

And that is the only thing that counts - if you are happy with your system and I'm happy with mine, then good for both of us. Each system has strong points we value, and weak points that don't concern us.

anything you feel I've missed, please add 

I'm glad this thread has stayed positive and polite, a discussion instead of a battle.

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It's nice to say that nice pictures are nice.

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