Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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Re: Flapping mirrors

Hen3ry wrote:

Well, the flapping mirror technology (and I used SLRs for 40 years and TLRs before that) was fully developed by back in the 1970s; the EVF is still going through development. That said, when the development costs are fully wrtiten down, the EVF will be cheaper.

Nope -- car windshields and house windows are quite different things and quite different uses. They are direct vision not multiple reflection systems. The problem with SLRs is the multiple reflecting stuff required and getting that first reflecting surface our of the way so you can take a photograph.

The EVF is a solution -- it gives you a view of what the sensor sees directly through the lens.

Not for eceryone. It is a differnt solution, that haaas its very own disadvatages, some of which will never be overcome by technological development.

Most importantly, it consumes battery power, and will always do so. There will never be zero power consumption. The optical finder is solar powered, environmentally friendly and for free.

For outdoors use, battery consumption will always be an important issue.

The true difference between SLR and EVF is not even mirrored - pun intended - in the shots per charge.

Every serious photographer takes a lot of time to compose the shot. Sometimes he/she composed because he/she decides it is not worth it.

All this time, the EVF will use power, sucking the battery empty. While in the SLR, youb get this for free.

Therefore the battery life for mirrorless camera will always be worse, and even considerably worse in real life than indicated by the "shots per charge" figure.

Cheers, geoff

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