Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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I have mentioned this.

007peter wrote:

As good as your write up is, its missing #7 - Going Back to DSLR (I'm not alone)

Some reason why:

#1 No Size advantage on performance model.

With EVF + Flash attachment, there are no size saving with either Panasonic GH3, GH2, G6 or the Olympus EM5 which required a flash attachment.  The more performance you need from a mirrorless camera, the bigger, heavier, bulkier the camera become.  Adding insult to injury, advance mirror-less cost more than small DSLR setup.

I have said this before and been argued with, for the average users the size difference is not that much and the m43 is more expensive. The other other advantage is DSLRs in this price range include a flash (regardless how well it works) and is priced lower, the built in flash makes the DSLR smaller than the OMD with flash.

#2 Mirrorless Fast Prime are very expensive:

  • Sony NEX mirrorless 35/1.8 is a whopping $448; Sony Alpha DSLR 35/1.8 is just $218.  
  • Canon 50/1.4 is only $349, Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 is a whopping $504.95

Remember, that lens is not image stabilized and if you start getting into a 70-200 2.8 or a 300 2.8 IS, they get quite expensive.

#3 Non-Equivalent Bokeh

A $349 canon EF 50/1.4 produce very thin DOF.  Panasonic 25/1.4 translate to 50/2.8.  Not only is it more expensive @$505, but DOF isn't as thin as thin either.  Panasonic would need to make a 25/ F1 to match a canon 50/1.4 on FF.  That isn't going to happen at reasonable price/size/weight

#4 Fast Continuous AF remains its biggest weakness

My Panasonic can easily match my canon in single shot AF, but when I need continous tracking, CDAF is just terrible.  With my NEX.....continuous AF is a joke, MF is much faster than AF is on NEX.

Have to agree with both of these.

as mirrorless is good enough and close quality to DSLR (aps-c) now (in all but fast action capture)

True, aside from Continuous Tracking, mirrorless particularly Panasonic is very good

and can offer spectacular results with the right technique in capture and great lens combos.

yes/no.  Mirrorless can shoot sports, but its like hitting a jack pot with very low keeper rate.  Shooting an active toddler is an exercise in frustration.  Where as its just easier with a dSLR....I point, I shoot, I get the shot.  Easy, no need to resort to Manual Focusing or other trickery.

Lots of people are selling off their DSLRs even bought in the last few years, once they discovered mirrorless and do not need both for their semi-pro enthusiast needs.

Semi-True.  I did sold off my dslr gear for mirrorless, and you're right, I'm not a pro so I don't need that absolute performance edge.  However, even non-pro need to shoot an active toddler, running dogs, a son's soccer games, or daughter's gymnastics.  Then I found myself needing a DSLR yet again.

However the other percentage will keep both DSLR (for work or play Aps-C or FF) and also buy a mirrorless (mostly for play or travel....

I'm keeping my sony NEX strictly as a travel point/shoot replacement.  For serious shooting, I'm debating if I should go back to canon dslr or give Nikon DSLR a try.  For me, mirrorless are more suitable as point/shoot replacement rather than a DSLR replacement.

I think you are a minority, and the people here at DPR as well. The masses would never go back and forth between to cameras, They buy one and use it unless it absolutly does not do what it is suppose to do. They use camera phones, they use P&S. If they feel they need to upgrade I think they choose a DSLR and it works. I am coming to think that because of lack of advertizement and availability in the US and the association of old film DSLRs for older people, they don't even think about m43. If they do think about it, price and lack of built in flash doesn't help.

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