Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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AndyGM wrote:

Richard wrote:

This is a possibility, availability. I will look around at the 2 camera shops we have here in town and see if either sell them. If not then I would have to agree, lack of exposer and availability locally could be a reason. But then I would ask are they readily avail in other markets like Europe in stores on shelves.

No problems with availability here in the UK. I live in a town, pop 300,000, and I can walk 20 minutes from my house to the best department store right in the centre, and play around with an E-M5, E-PL5, G5 and GF5. And they stock the 20mm lens too (but that is the only additional m43 lens they stock).

We have 2 camera stores and best buys in town. I will check Walmart too, they seel low end canon and nikon but I don't remember any m43

You'll notice I said Department Store and not Camera Store. We don't really have Camera Stores in the UK any more, a combination of chronic mismanagement and having Amazon be able to undercut them because Amazon hasn't paid a penny of corporation tax in the UK for the last 3 years, meant that the 2 major chains of Cameras Stores folded last year.

Paying high taxes is a bad thing. It is the reason America went to war to separate from England. It is the reason your prices on everything is much higher than the US. Our gov is trying to raise taxes and try to make internet sales pay taxes which is against our constitution instead of spending less on entitlements. Blame gov for closing stores, competition improves the breed, gov causes glut and waste.

The staff at one Jessops Store put a large "Thank You for Shopping at Amazon" sign in the window on the day the store was shut for good.

We have just one "big box" chain left too. They don't tend to have a very good selection of any ILCs, Mirrorless or DSLR. Just row upon row of P&S (and the real entry level, POS, less that £99 ones usually).

I don't remember our big box chains selling cameras, maybe point and shoots.

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