G5 or XS-1

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grumpyolderman Senior Member • Posts: 1,085
Re: G5 or XS-1

I had the fujis100fs, and I would guess its IQ was no less than the XS1, but of course it was slower, worse everything (but now worse IQ, based on what you see on the fuji forum).

In anything but base iso the G5 (which I have now) blows the bridges out of the water, ISO 400 on the fujis is about the same quality as ISO 1600 on the m43. Size is very much the same (G5 with 100-300mm), but of course does not cover the whole focal length range of the fuji. The pics of the m43 are usually better even in sunlight, but the difference is small. Of course you can get something like the fantastic 20mm f1.7, and you can not take comparable pics with the Fuji


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