D600 vs d7100

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Re: Try again

MikeInIndy wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

And why would you do that? does 1400 bucks in your pocket make you happier or take better photos? Why go with D3200 and 18-55? why not get a fuji JZ100 for 81 bucks?\

Does an FX camera make you take better photos?

Of course it does. why else do people buy them?

Does spending 2500 dollars on a camera make YOU happier?

Of course it does. My money do not serve me by staying in my pocket, they serve me by turning into things that improve what I do. I buy better lens to get better picture, I buy better rifles to shooter more accurately, I buy better cars to travel more comfortably. I do not get pleasure looking at a fatter pocket.

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