How was this lit?

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Re: My Point Exactly...

Clueless Wanderer wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

Clueless Wanderer wrote:

To the others. We ask opinion's on here then weigh up what is said and discuss our thoughts. It is not arrogant to question advice and to build your own opinion. It is sheep like just to take someone's opinion and act upon it. 
Barrie, sorry to inform you but this is a community and not a dictatorship with you in charge.

What's your problem?  Don't you LIKE the authority of a man who's spent every working day for 50 years evaluating lighting set-ups in a studio...?

It was you that asked how the subject was lit. I merely did you the favour of telling you how.

Thanks a bunch! Your "gratitude" for my action leaves me much moved....  !! 

I never asked how it was lit.

That's right. Your first appearance here was to question every point I made, doing so from a position of ignorance, and so reveal yourself as an absolute know-nothing. You came here to argue and be disruptive, but showed yourself to be truly clueless.

Well as you keep harping on about 50 years everyday... That explains your lack of diplomacy with people, too long with your head on the job and not 'out in life'   FYI Just cos your doing something for 50 years doesn't mean you were doing it right now does it

We can assume my experience is greater than yours, can we not? You are clueless, after all.

....In a fast changing world it easy to become a dinosaur. Every few years that go by your 'experience ' is getting out of date fast The modern world has no place for a pompus arrogant old timer.  ....Just remember you started with the confrontational attitude.   ...Hiding behind your internet connection

Ha! I am not the one "hiding behind an internet connection." That's YOU, the "Clueless Wanderer."

I am here under my own name. I am one of the posters who specifically DOES post under his own name. You can find me in the 'phone book.... complete with the photographic qualifications I hold from the most respected professional organisation in the world.

You should be so lucky to be so much of a "dinosaur" as I am.

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"Ahh... But the thing is, these guys were no ORDINARY time travellers!"

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