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Jorginho, I think you are being over critical

Jorginho, you are being too critical, I think, and in some cases you have missed the point. You need to bear in mind that these pictures are of a wedding, they are part of a set of pix, which in turn is a sub-set of the total pix of the day with the formal stuff being taken by someone else, who will get quite angry if Loga gets in his way or steals his shots.

That being said, I like the set generally; I think it is really good.

Loga wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

Pic 2: overexposed, I see the car and then, oh wait...I see two people waving. I also see some guy not dressed appropriate for the party (;-)) walking by...The thought is good, the execution not and this pic to me has no place in a nice series of a wedding.

Sure, actually this picture was a request of my girlfriend I told her that it is almost impossible, and it was (exposure differences, reflections).

I thought it was fun. Weddings always have unattached passersby by around and I like the contrast between the wedding people -- a great day for them -- and the pedestrian -- just a day!

Pic3. I would focus much more on the girl, zoom in (come closer in the case of primes). The light is too harsh and contrasty with the dark background for my taste. You could have made a lot more of that scene I think

Why? My intention was to show the temple as well. Don't get what's wrong with that. You are right about the light, it is harsh, but in the other hand it emphasizes my modell, and make this picture a good environmental portrait IMHO. So it is OK for _my_ taste.

Absolutely not Jorginho. This is someone at the wedding in that church. That's the point. it is not a picture of a girl as such.

Pic4: get lots closer and fill this with a flash. The subject is too far away and completely overrun by the light outside. Better to try to be at a 90 degree angle from the light I think. The thought is a good one, an exciting moment entering the church.

No. No way. Here you don't get the idea and the mood.

I see it as you do, Loga.

Pic5: What is the subject here? keep the horizon straight or straighten it in PP. Looking at peoples back that are prominent is not very helpful in general. You do this in a pci with dancers too: the main subject is theback. It is like taking a macro of a fly and focussing on its rear end rather than the eyes...

The subject is the _ceremonial_, with the priests and the pair.

Exactly. Back in he day I took aout a thousand pix like this and everyone loved them. The point is that they are part of a set; they don’t stand alone and the faces of the wedding party must not be in every shot.

Pic6: Both should be in focus to be perfect. Other wise a great moment and a good enough pic. Would have liked to see it with a 30 degree angel or so. But this is okey.

It’s fine. it is a different view. It is part of a set.

Pic 7: No expert as I said, but a fill flash would do great. The light behind them is too distracting for me.

This time I completely agree.

I don’t. Flash would have slaughtered the atmosphere. The light on the two is just right. I would dull the outside light a little but not too much; I like the bright contrast.

Pic8: close up! We only need to see the eyebrows, to the chin I think. Otherwise fine. Again. I see them kissing and I see others kissing. I understand that some pics need to get the atmosphere but it is not these kind of pics I think.

Different opinion here. I like this picture because it's not just a snapshot showing the bride kissing with someone, but in the same picture there is the mother of the bride getting the best wishes as well! (And yes, for the audience outside the event it is just 'I see others kissing too', but for the pair it is a good photo I think). I also like the tree that framing the picture.

Exactly! This is about inclusion and showing everyone being happy.

Pic9: Background spoils this one. I would have focussed on her and the three women eager to get married themselves.

Here your crop is really good. I like it a lot. Thanks for it. In the same time I like the original too. It is maybe a matter of taste here: I like scenes with a lot of space, this is why I prefer the 14mm. The scene you made with crop could have been better taken with the 25 1.4! And the concept of yours is very good!

These shots are hell to take because it happens very quickly and you don’t know who is going to make a dash to compete and you don’t know how high the bride is going to throw the bouquet, and how far it will fly, etc., etc., etc. You just hope it works. You can't do exact framing.

Pic10: no purpose for this one. I understand that you picture this to see how others shot them etc. A situation. But it is not compelling.

Mhm, okay, I accept this one. As the _eye of a guest_, I think it is okay.

I love pix like this, and that looks like a random passerby again on the right. I might have stepped to the left a bit and I would have liked to step forward too but I think it looks as though there is a garden in the way. That would have allowed the onlooker to be bigger in the frame.

Pic11: flowers  at the back are nice, the kids e  behind them again blow this shot for me. … But you were not THE photgrapher, so you'll have to take it as it comes I guess.

I like the kids around. That is one of the things about wedding photos -- people are posing in public places. There is room for the shot with kids. You are right about Loga not being the official photographer; he has to grab what he can.

Pic12: Nothing wrong with this shot that you can help I think. Background is unromantic to me. Again there may have been little choice. A FF cam with a fast lens would have blurred it more I think. The light is not very nice either.

Completely right. The environment was not romantic at all! … However it was not my choice 'cos I was not THE photographer.

And nor were you the bride and groom who had agreed to being photographed at that site. Rather than trying for more out of focus, I would simply darken the background, in particular the bright pipe.

Pic13: get in closer I'd say, mainly because I hate the that background. A steal bridge??

And this bridge was the most interesting and appealing background here I found!

I don’t mind it; I keep in mind that this is part of a set. There are lots of others where things look more romantic.

Cheers, geoff

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