Some Irish Scenary with my new XZ-1

Started Apr 29, 2013 | Photos thread
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Re: Some Irish Scenary with my new XZ-1

Steven Wandy wrote:

mariomirabile wrote:

You've got some interesting compositions in what looks like less than ideal light. I'd be inclined to exercise restraint with the dramatic tone filter though. It's a little heavy handed for my taste and from what I've seen it tends to destroy fine detail in shots.



We were in Ireland last year and though I was using the EM5 most of the time. (My XZ-1 was a backup) But I really liked the way the Dramatic Tone filter - and the XZ-2 and the EM5 also have implemented a Black & White version of the Dramatic Tone in addition to the Grainy B&W filter - did a great job of making the cloudy and relatively dreary looking weather we had look much more interesting. (Not saying we never saw the sun in the 9 days there, but considering that our tour guides generally referred to the sun as either "a UFO" or an "optical illusion" you can see how often it did make an appearance.

To the OP - I like the shots with the filter. The other "normal" ones probably could have used a bit of post processing to brighten them up a bit. But the compositions of some of them are very interesting.


Tks Mario & Steve for your feedback. I will try and restrain my use of dramatic tone, as I agree it does reduce the finer details. However, as Steve points out I feel it can enhance the cloudy weather we've had lately. Anyhow, hopefully our 'summer' will come soon

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