The future looks spotty

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Re: The future looks spotty

Nikonfan99 wrote:

So as some of you may know, I was lucky enough to buy a d600 (serial # starting with 302 USA) in october of last year. My camera has had the fun internal debris/lubricant issue. With over 14,000 shutter count, the issue is still going on but has gotten a little bit better. Last month I purchased a nikon 70-200 2.8 vr II which further sealed me into staying with nikon. This was after I considered canon but switching made no sense for me. Well I decided that the d7000/d90 I own could use an upgrade and I decided it made more sense to have two FX cameras. I love the image quality of the d600 (minus dust/lubricant) and felt like the d800 is overkill for my wedding shooting. I opted to replace the d7000/d90 with another d600 and picked one up today. I went to the store and the sales rep was nice enough to bring out seven to nine d600's for me to check the serial numbers on. He said this was a fresh shipment. He was aware of my d600 issues and said he "thinks" the issue is resolved. Well his batch was in sequential order and started with 307. I made the purchase and once I got home did the white wall test and it had one spot. After shooting a few shots on CL mode, I got 1-2 more spots. So in the end it seems I now have two bodies with the same issue. I have to do further testing and monitoring to confirm the long term results. This is not a rant or a complaint. It is what it is and to me it reiterates that my issue is not unique or that it is fully resolved. I am still happy with my choice and I am very happy to own two full frame cameras now. I am grateful for  being able to shoot weddings and pay for my gear but I understand why others complain. In the end the images supersede the flaw.

Congratulations on your new camera and sorry to hear about the oil problem. If you decide to keep it, could you, please, make a 1000 shot time-lapse sequence to see the dynamics of spot formation. I hope that might be the new D600 will stop producing spots sooner than its older sibling.


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