First Post - D800 soon, Please Advise: Which first two lenses?

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Re: First Post - D800 soon, Please Advise: Which first two lenses?

Mssimo wrote:

Your first lens should be the 50mm f1.8 or f1.4 (...if you have the extra cash)

To get the most out of the D800, best thing you could do is get the three 1.8's

28mm f1.8

50mm f1.8  (or the 1.4G)

85mm f1.8

I don't like zooms but nikon makes a few great ones (large and lots of $$)

I would stay away from 5X + zooms like the 24-120mm. They used to be ok on older 12MP cameras but you will notice the flaws on something like the D800.

3x zooms like the 14-24 24-70 and 70-200 are great...almost as good as primes but slower (f2.8)

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Actually the new 24-120 is very good on the d800 and easily as good as the 24-70 is.

the 24-120 is a much better range and a lot more versatile than the 24-70 which is the worst of the 3 trinity zooms, so I would get the 24-120 as a general lens.

neither of them are as good as the 24 and 35 f1.4 nikon primes but that's to be expected. So to supplement the 24-120 get a nice fast prime, either a 50 f1.8 or a 35 f1.4 depending on your budget.

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