No more SLT!

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Re: Bring it On !

AllMankind wrote:

topstuff wrote:

but I am over having to peer through an optical tunnel to see the image.

You might want to try using a 'GOOD' FF DSLR, such as the A850/A900.

I'm never going back to OVF.  Never. The 5D2 and lenses will be sold to buy whatever FF mirrorless Sony launch (provided it has an EVF)

And I will NEVER go EVF in my FF DSLR.  In fact, that is why I have now abandoned Sony and gone back to Nikon.

An EVF in my mirrorless is fine, but NOT in my workhorse camera.

But to each their own.  Definately NOT worth arguing about.

I agree 200% with AllManKind... I still have my A700 and my A900 mainly because the amount of lenses I have for them, but I already gave away my A55 . EVF may have some advantages for some people, but for me an OVF is a must have. That's the reason no more new Sony's for me. When I am shooting something that can be focused using an EVF I use one of my Panasonics (ZS-20 or FZ-200).

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