High ISOS : M4/3 < APS-C < FF ?

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Re: About old sensors

Pixnat2 wrote:

As there's some posters agruing endlessly about the old sensors, it's worth to put things in perspective :

Of course one can take very nice pictures with whatever sensor, if one understand it's limitations. The cameras sporting the old Panasonic 12Mpix sensor, in skilled hands (shooting and PP), can produce outstanding results.

The problem is that technology marches on, and competition is stiff.

Without comparing with other sensors, the 12mpix Panasonic sensor was a good sensor in itself. But it was not a good sensor compared to it's competitors (Canon, Sony). People could choose, for the same price, between cameras with better sensors, so potentially better IQ, which is the one of most important aspect of photography.

Now, the new 16Mpix sensor can compete with APS-C sensors. The difference in IQ is insignificant. So potential buyers who care about IQ don't have to worry about the sensor quality, and they can focus on other important aspects of a system (lenses availability, size, ergonomics, accessories...).

This is a huge step-up in 4/3 history.

But of course, and I repeat it, even the old 5Mpix E-1 or the 6Mpix EOS 300D can produce breathtaking pictures in skilfull hands.

I think that how camera handles WB and exposure also quite important. Probably this is the reason why still so many are happy with their olympus cameras that have 12mp panasonic sensor. Those cameras handle auto WB and exposure much better than panasonic.

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