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Re: E-P5 images leaked

Sergey Borachev wrote:

My guess about the huge size of this new EVF and its position in the middle (unlike a rangefinder) is that it has to accomodate the 5-axis EVF components!

Overly optimistic   I'm not sure that the E-P5 will get the same five axis IBIS, this is just rumors and some take their wishes for reality.

The E-VF doesn't seem much bigger than the VF-2 available now. Look at my other post upper in this thread, I linked to Google Images of the E-P3 plus VF-2, or look down for the VF2 sitting on my E-P3

I must admit I was not very optimistic about this model, but it is looking very interesting. Thoough still not as complete with everything built in like the NEX-6, it has a few things that makes it better.

There is a flash!

There was already one on the E-P3 !

There various minor improvements over the E-M5, I think in AF, IBIS, and IQ.  Some of them, if just tweaks in firmware, could be available to the E-M5.

I think that there will be few differences in matters of IQ : same sensor, but it is still a very good sensor. The main improvements will be in the handling and user interface. Don't fret about Olympus making them available for the E-M5 : the improvements of the E-Pl5 (smaller AF box available without the need to use the magnifier, possibility to affect the Mysets to the mode dial and better HDR possibilities) haven't been implemented in the E-M5 firmware, even if there was a firmware update of the E-M5 after the issuing of the E-Pl5.

So, I think this will be a nice camera.  The only flaw is the big EVF not being built in.  I won't be surprised if there is also a grip for it to help balance the camera with the EVF mounted, or at least to make it look balanced and pretty with the EVF, as this model is supposed to.  Be prepared to pay quite a bit for the new EVF, the black lens and any grip/accessories.

There was already interchangeable grips for the E-P3 with the possibility to add a "large grip" and it is now also available for the E-Pl5. (see below how it looked). I hope that the same will be usable/available for the E-P5.

Now, the next OMD is looking even better.

?? if you are counting on a firmware update to deliver you the same capabilities as the E-P5, you may be deceived. If it is because the E-P5 doesn't have an integrated EVF, then I agree. The handling of the E-P3 is better for me than that of the E-M5. I'm not sure that I'd like the way they have modified the thumbwheel .. and it looks as if there is one Fn button less (on the E-P3, there were three of them : the Fn1, Fn2 and the Rec button which I never used for movies, but reaffected to other Fns). I liked the way the fourways controller had a rotating element around the arrows : it is easier to use for me rather than the main wheel sitting on the E-M5.

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