New (and better?) Bare Bulb Alternative to Q Flash and Elinchrom Ranger. What do you think?

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Re: Good info in this thread.

Daniel Lauring wrote:

The discussion gave me an opportunity to look up the alternatives.

From where I stand it boils down to this.

Gobox/Cheetah vs. Speedlites.

1.  1-1.5 stops of light.  2-4 stops more on high speed sync.

2.  More even, wider light...especially better for more evenly filling a softbox/umbrella.

3.  5 times the shots per charge.

4.  Bigger and requires separate power pack.

5.  No TTL

6.  Similar cost to OEM speedlights.  4-5 times the cost of generic speedlights (Yognuo, Nissin)

Gobox/Cheetah vs. Q-flash

1.  About equal light.

2.  No TTL option.

3.  high speed sync option

4.  About 1/2-1/3rd the cost comparing full systems (flashes, triggers and power packs.)

Gobox/Cheetah vs. small portable monolights like Huff's.

1.  1/2 the light...or even less.

2.  Much smaller and lighter.

3.  About the same cost.

Gobox/Cheetah vs. Elinchrom Ranger.

1.  No modeling light.

2.  1/2 the power.

3.  1/3rd to 1/4 the price for a system of flashes, triggers and power packs.)

Other considerations/thoughts.

1.  Tons of modifers available for all...can use same Bowen's type speedlight brackets.

2.  Future expansion will bring more power and studio lights which work with same controls.

3.  Ability to add on TTL in future with smarter controller????

I'm a big fan of speed lights because they are so darn portable, however, I do wish for more power and more even lighting sometimes.  The Gobox/Cheetah might just have enough extra oomph to move them from 95% to 99% of the work I do (compared to speedlights over monolights.)  Down the road I could pick up a single 360 unit which will work with the same accessories and make that 99.99%.

Seems to me we have a viable new value choice in the market, just like Yognuo triggers are a value choice vs. Pocket Wizards, or Nissin speedlights vs. OEM.

Excellent summary and pretty much mirrors what I am thinking.

For me, the only kits on my radar are the Quantum T series, Quantum X series, Elinchrom Quadra Ranger (not the standard studio-type Ranger), and this new Godox.

The pain in the butt as I see it is that each kit has one or two features that floats my boat but then leaves out something that one of the other kits have.

The major bugbears for me are (1) Quantum: the absolute rip-off price for their battery packs e.g. the Turbo batts which are nothing more than AA batts packed in a nice case; it doesn't have HSS or stroboscopic mode. However, the Flash Havoc review (part 2 of the review) for the Godox system shows that in fact perhaps cutting back ambient with the use of ND filters will often be a better bet than relying on HSS; no modeling light; and annoyingly if you use the T series heads you can't simply upgrade to the 400W Q series because you have to also purchase an additional and incompatible battery system to get the head to work; the Q packs are heavy; do the Quantum lights have the option to quickly disable some groups and then re-enable all groups without the need to fiddle around resetting the power settings for each group? (2) Elinchrom Quadras: no TTL; no Auto Flash Mode; no HSS; not able to plug two heads into one batt pack unless you are happy to have a 2:1 light ratio imposed on you; no focus assist lamp; and I don't think the Quadras can do stroboscopic mode; do distance/range readout (3)Godox: having to faff around with two separate triggers; almost useless focus assist lamp; no TTL; no Auto Flash Mode; no way to switch HSS on and off from the on-camera remote control;  no modeling light; no distance/range readout.

Then there is the issue of whether or not a circa 200W kit (Godox 180 and Quantum T series) is worth the bother given that you are only really getting one additional stop of light in normal (non-HSS) mode when the 400W kits (forthcoming Godox 360, Elincrhom Quadra, Quantum X series) will give you that extra one stop when the power is turned down plus even more light when the power is turned up.

Hmm, decisions decisions.

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