What makes Pentax special?

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Re: What makes Pentax special?

vjk2 wrote:

I had considered a Pentax when I first bought a DSLR, but for some reason went Olympus instead.

I'm looking at camera systems again. What makes Pentax special? I recall that they have APS-C + sensor shift shake compensation, right? So it's sorta like Olympus crossed with canon/nikon.

A lot of things, most importantly for me is they are the only company with a weather sealed F1.4(DA* 55mm) lens with  weather sealed stabilized Body. Even next to noiseless autofocus,and probably most silent mirror as well. And lowest weight for category.

This means you can put on 1 lens and shoot indoor,outdoor,at concerts,in rain. Camera around neck without a bag if you want.

Stellar image quality,I reccommend K5IIs.

Zork or Raynox in pocket,and you even have macro without lens change. Or buy 100mm macro WR also weather sealed and stabilized.

Also if you like me often have spare time on a train,or at a family gathering,Pentax has the best in camera RAW conversion.With much more options than Olympus. Fiddle with a camera at a party,ok. Sit down with a computer,not ok. I seem to have very little time making photos better by the computer,but enough with the camera. Always shoot RAW+jpeg and because of Pentax only a very few difficult(or my very best) needs Lightroom.

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