Why doesn't Samsung offer body only options?

Started Apr 30, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Why doesn't Samsung offer body only options?

It is probably worth just storing the kit lens for when you want to resell. I am not sure a body only really will appeal to many people on ebay or suchlike who probably will want the original box with all its components. The fact that the manufacturers are reluctant to sell body only would imply this is the big market, possibly for those who never use anything but the kit lens.

If you do split the lens will probably return you more than it cost.

Body only would require a new box, different packaging and distribution and there are probably not enough NX lenses out there to make it worthwhile.

chrisrabe wrote:

Especially as more and more people buy into the system, building a list of lenses they want.

It just adds unnecessary cost.

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