New (and better?) Bare Bulb Alternative to Q Flash and Elinchrom Ranger. What do you think?

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Godox advantage + the choice between Q, E and G Re: Bargain basement QFlash X kit

UKphotographers wrote:

plevyadophy wrote:

But what I don't get is, if these lights are so great why are people dumping on eBay in such large numbers nearly new gear at a massive discount? Something doesn't add up.

Who cares? Sneaking under the radar like this suits my needs fine.

In a roundabout way you already answered this yourself..

"..a lot of so called pro photogs use certain gear not because the gear is in anyway better than anything else but because a lot of pros have a sheep-like mentality"

That sheep like mentality prevents them thinking about what they do, what they want to do and what they really need. One speedlight is useful.. mounting 4 together doesn't make it 4 times more useful, just 3 times more stupid. (you see it promoted this way.. and you've just got to do it..).

The other thing is - you see Quantum owners trying to use PW's, Phottix, RP's.. whatever.. trying to get them to work with other systems when the Quantum system already supplied works remarkably well and much better than anything else. Crippling them by removing their uniqueness is pretty stupid and people are inclined to do that a lot.

That sheep thing has a lot to answer for.

Maybe  they're dumping their gear whilst being on all fours and saying baa baa baa as they sheep-like set their sights on Profoto gear?!!

As for PWs, Phottix etc, surely peeps don't use those things with the Quantum if they are shooting Canon or Nikon?? Really? What's the point, if the Quantum stuff is already fully compatible?!!

Back to Godox -v- Quantum. One advantage I see with the Godox kit is that the capacitors are in the head which means you can use pretty much any battery you want (the same battery pack will work with either the 180W or 360W version) whereas with the Quantum you have to jettison the flexibility of the T series batteries and opt for the less flexible Qpac batts. What's your take on this?

I think the difficulty I am having is that I wanna commit to something pretty soon; I don't want to pay, what David Hobby (of Strobist blog) calls, the "newbie tax" (where you buy something, find you bought the wrong thing and then have to buy again); but find all four systems (Quantum T , Quantum X, Elinchrom Quadra, and Godox) attractive and unattracive in some way.



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