GH3 - Who says that m43 is not good for sports !!!

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Re: A Summary

Brian Wadie wrote:

For fun I thought I would try to summarise all the words written here, see if I've got it about right:

- there are some sporting situations where a DSLR will be able to cope much better than a CSC, but for the majority of cases both can do an adequate job

Yes, about as adequate as MF would do or just setting things to  f11 or so. Everything is in focus and no one minds.

- a long focal length wide aperture lens on a dslr body will isolate the subject better than any existing "long" CSC lens on a CSC body, but the DSLR combo will cost more and weigh more (often a lot more)

Yes. And it focusses much better too.

- the greater depth of field makes it easier for CSC systems to shoot sporting action than the shallow depth of field with an equivalent DSLR system, some see this as undesirable

Who are seeing what undesirable? I don't think that there are too many people shooting sport in a serious way that think the shallow DOF is undesirable so I think you mean the CSC have an undesriable trait here

- there are those of us with experience of both systems who are happy that with our lighter and cheaper CSC system we can still shoot sporting action in a way that gives satisfactory results for our needs

anything you feel I've missed, please add 

I think that is true but I think it is also true that for the shots we see here, you might as well have a P&S cam like the FZ200 or so. I am guessing here, but I know it is a fast focusser. it would give you very similar results I think.

What masses see as sport shooting and what enthusiasts, not even pro's, see as sportsshooting seems to differ quite a bit.

If you want a compelling photo and want to have a good chance to catch one you need high frames per second, very fast focussing and very good focus tracking. Also, you need to be able to single out the subject so our eyes are drawn to where I want them to be.
That is why they invented D4 and 1Dx. Now, thart being thee pinnacle for sportshooting the current m43s are about the opposit of that. D7000 and 7D are much closer to that than any mFT camera currently.

mFt can overcome all those hurdles bar the subject isolation, which will be difficult. I can see how software can blur things out, giving that isolation. When camera processing power gets powerfull enough, smart software settings should be able to tackle that too. But that is an assumption and we are not there at all currently.

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