Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

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Re: Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

rattymouse wrote:

SirLataxe wrote:

Of course, photogs will always turn to the "importance" of the viewfinder composition, the chosen moment and even their fiddling with the exposure controls.  Yes, these require a bit of knowledge and skill - but not much.

Just because you have no skills worth talking about does not make it true about everyone else.

Let's face it - photography is like driving a car: a mundane and everyday skill largely performed by a pre-programmed machine.  One may be a better or worse driver; one may go to a boring "here" rather than an exciting "there"; but it is no art and nothing special to do the driving.

Says the guy who has never seen Ayrton Senna drive.

It is hard to imagine someone as uninformed about virtually any topic as you are.

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9 years of Fujifilm camera fanboyism, ended by rampant egomania.

Mr Rodent,

It is hard for you to imagine anything other than your own delusionary importance, as the tedious aggression of your look-at-me posts generally indicates. And now you see yourself as the Ayrton Senna of photography!  Hee hee, very droll.  I will try to remember to step out of the road when you are madly shutter-pressing about the place with the auto-button & the burst mode on.

SirLataxe, always pleased to enjoy ego-man puffs of indignation.

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