G5 or XS-1

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Re: G5 or XS-1

It is not only on paper, the differencein IQ is very real. the panasonic G5 is about 1,5 to 2 stops better rhoughout the range.

Things troubling Fuji is not good enough stablisation (from user reports and reviews) on the long end of the zoom also. The 100-300 on my GH2 i does not have that problem, its stablisation is excellent. I have also noted that it has trouble focussing in lower light where the Pany FZ200, another bridge cam, has not. G5 has no problems at all with low light focussing.

Also the G5 body in fact is quite a bit smaller than the Fuji body. Go to camerasiize.com for a comparison. You can mount a 20 mm 1.7 pancake on it or the 45 mm Oly f1.8 and you have a much smaller,  lighter cam that gives you far superior IQ.it is imppossible to have with any bridge cam.

To me, the Fuji XS-1 is way too big and heavy to be considered an alternative to any larger sensored cams. Now the panasonic FZ-200, while having a bit worse IQ based on the  sensor it also has a fantastic Leica lens, seems a much better idea here.

Anyway: I have no experience with either cam (well I do have a very similar Gh2) but if I look at what you have I'd say the FZ200 might be worth investigating or get a G5.

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