Isn't it amazing......

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Re: Isn't it amazing......

Future user wrote:

It's much better to spend some years in getting the best of what you have, instead of treating as disposable technology and getting obsessed over the next best thing, but hey, it's ok as long as they don't try to impose their opinions.

The truth is that nowadays we can get a level of quality good enough to sit down and rest with our gear for many years. The big question is: how many of us will do this?

Completly agree with you.

The difference is that the digital universe has gone beyond our wild expectations in less than 10 years, which can push for at least one upgrade within that time period.

I've bought the D80 when it was released and i'm thinking on buying another one (quite possibly the D7100) because it's dying on my hands (almost 100.000 shots).

When the D80 goes down i would be very happy to have learned, mastered it and demande more than it could give me. Some might be more of a "technical/ hardware" type of person, others are spending their time on squeezing the best their equipement can give them.

I always saw the "limitations" of my equipement as a challenge to try not only to overcome it (when possible) but to think creatively how i can bend them/ go beyond it.

Anyway, i'm always amazed about the "leap of quality/ crazy features" a person can have nowadays with just a "small budget".

It's a great time for being a photographer anyway...

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