Hogan flawed article "What Constitutes Value?"

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Hogan flawed article "What Constitutes Value?"

Article  by Tom Hogan.

"Mirrorless is wedged in between compact cameras and DSLRs" - mirrorless isn't wedged it stradles those two segments as well as bridge cameras and video cameras.
"Mirrorless doesn't focus as fast as DSLRs." they focus fast enough for their target market
"Mirrorless has sub-optimal EVF versus full on optical viewfinders in DSLRs." it's target maret will be mostly be upgrading from the evfs of bridge and compact cameras or they will see the benefits of evf over ovf
"Mirrorless consumes battery power faster than DSLRs." Battery power is good enough look at smart phones and most consumers do not go out and take 800+shots in an outing
"Mirrorless cameras cost as much as DSLRs." mirrorless have a variety of pricing points
"The overall mirrorless package size (camera and lens) only decreases significantly if the sensor size decreases and you give up DOF isolation."Extreme DoF isn't a high priority for most consumers.
"Frankly, I don't think trying to market your way with a bit of deception is useful in the long run. When you get caught out in the lie or someone reads the footnote carefully, they don't believe anything you claim about your camera" Erm the big 2 DSLR companies have been most guilty of this over the last 7-8 years!
"So what was the real value proposition here? For US$200 less you got a much smaller, lighter camera that struggled with continuous autofocus and battery life. That's it basically. Put the other way: for US$200 more you could get a larger, heavier camera with near pro level continuous focus and longer battery life. " what bias misguided crud!
"That's the problem mirrorless is having vis-a-vis DSLRs: a lower specification product is priced equal to or higher than the higher specified one. Nikon themselves really botch this big time. A 14mp Nikon V2 kit is US$800 at the moment, the same as a 24mp Nikon D5200 kit. This distorts the whole equation dramatically: same money for less performance at the sensor, fewer features, worse battery life, a lowish end EVF, though it is indeed smaller and lighter." The majority of mirrorless owners don't compare mft mirrorless is different and just works.
Comparing the V2 and D5200 demonstrates that the consumer perception problem is bigger for Nikon because these 2 models are from Nikon.
"And of course the low-end DSLRs are still eclipsing the mirrorless cameras on many performance issues." Erm it's the other way round!
"Now look at prices: U$650 for the RX-100. Wait a second, the GF6 is US$600 and the D3200 is US$550. Larger equals cheaper. But larger also equals better performance. See the problem that mirrorless makers have put themselves into?" Weird it's not the same in the mobile phone market, consumers that think like Hogan aren't worth having.
"This is one of the reasons why when you look at the actual consumer retail purchases of mirrorless, you find something dramatic: discounted past generation mirrorless sells decently, brand new mirrorless at full price tends to sit on shelves." What hogwash!
He goes on about about the GF6 and it's marketing in a very flawed way, this guy really doesn't get micro four thirds.
"Every camera is sophisticated design." I wouldn't say so, only a few cameras are objects of desire and aspiration eg Fuji mirrorless, G6, E-M5, EP-5 etc
" When Olympus put out the original E-P1, their marketing was targeted towards it being the perfect social camera (blogging, etc.)." The E-P1 had a lot of marketing messages attached to it aimed at different consumers and sold very well
"the fact that the low-end DSLRs are lower in price than all the current mirrorless models means people buy the DSLR." some foolish consumers do.
Final thoughts:
Go out and speak to actual consumers in the real world, analyse flickr for how people are using their cameras and what cameras they previously/also own
living life to the Four Thirds!

Nikon 1 V2 Nikon D3200 Nikon D5200 Olympus PEN E-P1 Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6
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